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Slovenian volunteers embark on a rail odyssey to Germany
What can we learn from Slovenia
Travel Cheap but Sustainable
Become More Sustainable - Photo by Ann H on Pexels

Who we are


Enej Reljič

The desire to explore, to broaden our worldview and to take time for ourselves drives us around the globe, and with the awareness of the impacts of travelling we can sustain those desires in harmony with nature and other people.

Alesia Smiakhovich

Sustainability is not about refusing the things we like, but about doing them differently. This project motivates and educates to travel responsibly.

Rudi Medved

Sustainable travel advocate committed to empowering youth. Passionate about social sustainability, crafting a more responsible future one journey at a time.

Rieke Sundermeyer

Climate-friendly travelling is an important part of a liveable future for all of us. The project creates through education that we can move from knowledge to action.

Achim Riemann

We need to change our way of life and that also includes our travel habits if we want our grandchildren to still have the opportunity to explore a wonderful world.

Anja Žepič

Small project with the big heart, I would say. But even small steps count. So let us be a good example to others and contribute to a better world. It is time to make changes.

Jochen Dallmer

I am enthusiastic about education, concerned about sustainability and passionate about travelling. A very suitable mix to be happily supporting this project, isn't it?