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Become a "Travel Different for Future" Promoter

Hostelling International Slovenia and JANUN Hannover e.V. are inviting you to join a unique two-year-long Slovenian-German project about education & traveling if you:

  • are between 18 and 28 years old,
  • like to travel,
  • care about environmental protection and social justice,
  • are interested in sustainable lifestyles,
  • like to run workshops with young people or would like to try it out and
  • can imagine to participate in an international project in the next two years.

Is this you? Then it is worth reading on

Educational experts and the volunteers in the project will develop six creative and interactive educational travel-themed workshops for young people and learn how to run them. That means all volunteers will be invited to participate in an international training, which will take place on the Slovenian Mediterranean coast from 26 August to 7 September 2022. Participation and travelling are free of charge.

The workshops will be offered by the volunteers of the projects all over Slovenia and in the Hanover Region in Germany. We call this a peer-to-peer approach. Young people teach other young people.

The project will start in May 2022 and the first workshops for the youth will be hosted in schools and other institutions where young people meet in the December of the same year.

The project participants from Slovenia and Hanover will meet again in Germany, namely on the North Sea island of Neuwerk and in Hanover, from 19 to 30 August 2023 in order to exchange experiences, continue improving their knowledge and, if interested, develop ideas for further educational projects. Participation and traveling are again free of charge.

All costs, such as project meetings and trips to the workshops (taking place) in schools, will also be covered.

The project will open doors for participants to join other regional and international educational projects.

What you get out of your participation in the project

  • Methodological competence in the field of non-formal education and education for sustainable development
  • Experience in working with young people
  • The opportunity to also participate in the third international seminar in summer 2024 in which two more partner countries will be included
  • Being part of an international team and meeting interesting people
  • The opportunity to learn how to organise and work in teams at international seminars
  • A certificate documenting what you have done and what you have learned throughout the project
  • The opportunity to participate in other educational projects
  • The possibility to develop your own ideas for projects in a team with people you will meet through this project
  • The possibility to improve your English
  • The opportunity to join a project that helps to change the world into a better place
  • Becoming a promoter for a different way of traveling

What we expect from you

  • Participation in the approx. monthly project meetings/workshops from May 2022 to October 2023, many of which will take place online (some of them will be held in Slovenian or German).
  • Participation in the international trainings from 26 August to 7 September 2022 and from 19 August to 30 August 2023.
  • Running of five workshops, alone or in a team with a second volunteer. Workshops will last between 90 minutes and half a day and being held in Slovenian or German.
  • Active participation in the project where you can bring in your own ideas.

Who we are

For many years, Hostelling International Slovenia, in cooperation with the umbrella organization Hostelling International, has been looking for ways to encourage young people in particular to a different style of travel, which is more sustainable and ECO friendly.

JANUN Hannover e.V. has been active in environmental education and environmental protection for over 30 years and has already offered around ten international youth exchange programs annually for over 20 years.

In addition to strengthening the already established programs that both organizations carry out on a daily basis, with the "Travel Different for Future" project we want to find and develop new approaches to improve the current poor situation in tourism. The idea is to develop educational workshops for young people on the topic of travel.


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