Paris, on and off the well worn path…

Paris is the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Tulleries, the Musee d’Orsay, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triumph, the Pompidou Center, Saint Sacre-Coeur,  Sainte-Chapelle,  the Palais Garnier “Opera”,  Les Invalides, the Palace of Versailles. It is the Latin-Quarter, Le Marais, Saint Germain des Pres, Montmartre…  It is the River Seine, its beautiful bridges and river banks, forever the same but always changing, alive with so much life. It is, my personal favorite, the Jardin de Luxumbourg.  It is grand shopping at Le Bon Marche, Le Printemps, BHV and Galleries Lafayette.  Its also Roland Garros  and Grande Slam Tennis.   There are so many amazing “on the path” places in Paris, its hard to get off.  But you should, there is so much more. 
As Anthony Bourdaine said, “throw the lists away.”  You will see these things as you live your life.  You will see them as you walk and from the windows. “Try and Plan as little as possible.”  You will enjoy and remember Paris so much more if you discover Paris serendipitously.  
Les Frigos is art and creativity unleashed.  Over 100 artists are resident is the old, monumental refrigeration plant.  Explore it outside and in. Every inch of the building and its Stairwells is covered with art.  But just just look, meet the artists living and working inside. visit their studios, hear their stories.  Open your eyes, ears and mind: its not just and painting and sculpture, its  music, sound and more.
The Future is being invested here.  Station F is the world’s largest Start-up Tech Incubator.  Visit and get a glimpse of Paris’ answer to Silicon Valley.  Attend a talk, observe a Incubator Pitch Fest, schedule a tour, or become a Fellow or a Fighter.  Don’t just watch the future happen; make it happen.… Read More Paris, on and off the well worn path…

So Travel, but Different?

Throughout my adult life and career I’ve been a creator.  I’ve created companies, new technologies, events,  social groups.  Through this process, we will be looking to connect the got to create something new.  What?  Who knows, thats how it works. And thats the fun of it.  There will likely be many smaller creations and possibly it will all come together into something big.   My brain is always ticking. … Read More So Travel, but Different?

Inspired by Steve Jobs

Alfonso said to me, “Bob, let us start over.  Let us get rid of our belongings, our baggage.  Let’s rent out our home and apartments. Let’s hit the road. study,  and learn.  Lets get off the well-worn path and trust that it will lead us to the right opportunities for the next stage of our lives. 
“You have to Trust in Something:  Your Gut, Destiny, Life, Karma, Whatever …:  Believing the dots will connect down the road will give your the confidence to follow your heart even when it leads you off the well worn path and the will make all the difference.”
The heaviness of success can inhibit.  The lightness of being a beginner again. less sure of everything. It can help to be creative. 
Sometimes life can hit you in the head with a brick; Don’t lose faith. … Read More Inspired by Steve Jobs

Mombasa, Aga Khan, and My Kikuyu Best Friend

During my visit to Reuben, he celebrated his 16th birthday.  He was becoming a Man, and so he was building his own home, the second mud hut.  It was time for his circumcision ceremony and I was the honored guest with a front row seat.

Later back in Mombasa I attended a Hindu wedding.   It was an elaborate affair. One the morning after,  I once again sat in a front row as an honored guest.  This time I was a witness to the blood spots the sheets, a testament to the bride’s virginity.… Read More Mombasa, Aga Khan, and My Kikuyu Best Friend

At first, it was just going to be…

At first, it was just going to be… another trip.    Lets meet up for the summer.   But please Alfonso, let’s enjoy ourselves this time.  Forget about making money, its a vacation. We need to have fun together… again.

I was in Paris at our Marais apartment since early April.  Alfonso was back at our Miami Beach condo at the Flamingo, South Beach.   Alfonso like to keep work-focused.   He was always active,  forever entrepreneurial.    He cut and styled hair.  He Is a therapeutic Licensed Massage Therapist trained in dozens of modalities. .  He is a Yoga instructor.   He practices and teaches Iyengar Yoga as well as Yoga for Scoliosis.  Alfonso is always learning.  Always working.  He is a “Healer”.
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