90-minute workshop: Maximum of 30 participants, minimum age 14 years

Experiencing great and new things is not only possible in faraway places but also in the region near our home. Especially for young people, this is an excellent opportunity to have their first travel experiences together with their friends. If they are not travelling far away, it is easier to convince their parents to let them out of sight for a few days.

During this workshop, the participants work in small teams to develop a programme for a short trip in their region. Beforehand, they discuss what is important to them while on a holiday. The challenge then is to try to incorporate these aspects into their microadventure. For example, what they like to do during their holidays. Can they experience all these ideas in their region, and so on? Because special tasks make the team work more interesting, we give them framework conditions that they need to consider:

  • They need to stay within a radius of 30 kilometres from home.
  • It is a three-day (two nights) long trip.
  • They have €60 per person at their disposal.
  • They are not allowed to sleep or eat at home.

Finally, the participants present their developed three-day programmes to each other. Maybe some of them are so enthusiastic about their ideas or those of another team that they even want to implement them. Overall, they become more aware of the interesting things to discover, experience, and do in their region. Finally, a few pieces of information are presented on why microadventures are also good for the environment and the climate.