Components of the project

Travelling is fun. It can inspire and educate. Holidays are often the best days of the year. And tourism has become a big economic factor. For example: worldwide, one in ten employees works in a job that is directly related to tourism. Tourism contributed 10.4% to the global economic output in 2018. In every third “developing country”, tourism is the main source of foreign income. But is this socially and environmentally always compatible? And what does traveling mean for our climate? Did you know that tourism is responsible for 8% of all climate gases caused by us, humans?

Don’t be afraid. The aim of the project isn’t to talk down on travelling. But we want to encourage youngsters to travel better and more consciously. Together with the participants of our workshops, we will develop ideas on how to travel more sustainably. We will provide tips and good examples. Because we need to Travel Different for a Good Future!

This is what our project is about:

Six workshop modules on travelling for young people – free of charge

We’re developing six workshop modules for young people aged between 13 and 18 on the topic of sustainable tourism, including interactive and creative elements and using the participants’ own ideas, wishes and experiences as a starting point. Young people aged between 18 and 28, who participated in the development of the content and are well trained, will lead the workshops. The first 80 workshops will be free of charge for schools, youth organizations, hostels etc. in Slovenia and Germany (in the Hannover region).

A detailed description of the six workshop modules will be published on our web page in October 2022.

Young people teaching other young people

We will train 36 young adults from Germany and Slovenia aged between 18 and 28 to become peer-to-peer educators for the project. They’ll be part of the development of the workshops and learn how to use non-formal methods in the field of Education for Sustainable Development. Two international seminars and some extra workshops will enable them to implement the workshop modules at a high level.

To find detailed information about how to become part of this amazing team, please click on this LINK.

A sustainable travel agenda for schools

Our project wants to encourage schools to adopt sustainable travel rules for their own excursions and school trips, or offset the resulting climate emissions of their trips, for example, through our project partner Myclimate. We offer our support to pupils and teachers who are ready to bring up this issue in their own school. How to start? How to motivate others? What are our key arguments? We also provide all the needed information and are ready to join meetings.

Worldwide dissemination of the workshop modules

We will spread the developed and tested educational modules across the worldwide network of youth hostels (Hostelling International) and beyond. We will publish a brochure with all the methods and background information. We invite everybody who’s interested to online workshops to introduce them to the methods.

In 2023, Hostelling International associations from two other countries will be invited to join our project. We will support them in setting up their own educational peer-to-peer project on tourism. We will continue with international seminars on the project, its methods and topics, which will be intended for young multipliers.

Promoting the sustainability of Slovenian hostels

By creating educational offers, Slovenian hostels can address new target groups. Attractive programs for kids and youth in the sense of Education for Sustainable Development help promote regional tourism, identification with one's own region, non-formal education, environmental awareness and also the attractiveness of school trips within Slovenia. At the same time, the entire thing is supported by us to help make the stay for guests in these hostels more environmentally-friendly.